Gregg campaign rolling out new ad

Democrat John Gregg is airing a new ad filmed at the Indiana Statehouse.

With four weeks until Election Day, there is a change in campaign strategy for Democrat John Gregg.

The Democratic candidate for governor trails Republican challenger Mike Pence by 13 points, according to last week's Howey/DePauw Indiana Battleground Poll.

Just when the race for governor had reached a predictable point, a new TV ad campaign by a third party group is about to get a whole lot tougher.

The 30-second commercial will start airing this weekend and will change the whole tenor of the current gubernatorial campaign.

For months now, Gregg has tried to make points in the campaign by using people and locations in his hometown of Sandborn. His sixth commercial, from the Indiana Statehouse, is more conventional.

"I know how to create jobs and invest in our children, so Indiana experience or Mike Pence, who is part of the problem in Washington. I hope it's an easy answer," Gregg says in the ad.

"It was the next natural step. We are excited about it and there is more to come and four more weeks to go," Gregg said Friday.

Indiana Insider Peter Rusthoven labels Gregg's TV campaign as negative.

"Even in this ad, it closes with a jab at Mike Pence. I think it is not working. I don't think it will work and I think people are tired of this kind of thing," the Republican analyst said. "I am glad to see we have moved away from what I called the sort of 'Hee Haw' form of ads which people looked at and thought, 'It is not that funny. Second of all this is not a governor'."

But the new Believe in Indiana campaign will take the race for governor to a whole new low.

The new third party commercial is from a group called "" There is very little information about the group, other than it is union-based and that their commercial will only run in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

The Pence campaign declined to comment on the commercial.