Greenwood teacher arrested for child seduction

Timothy Guilfoy
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A Greenwood Community Schools teacher was arrested over the weekend on preliminary charges of child seduction.

The school corporation says Tim Guilfoy, 36, was arrested in Marion County on Saturday on two preliminary charges of child seduction. Guilfoy resigned his position with the school district on Sunday. He had been employed with the district since 2000.

The Indianapolis Metro Police Department says their officers were called to the 8800 block of South Madison Ave. on Saturday to check out a suspicious vehicle. They found a silver 2010 GMC truck in a parking spot, but the windows were too dark for the officers to see inside.

The officers asked the driver to roll down the window. When he did, the officer reported that the driver, identified as Guilfoy, was naked, and sitting next to an underage female.

When asked what they were doing, Guilfoy told the officer they were having sex. He also told officers he was a teacher at Greenwood High School and that the young woman inside the truck was one of his students.

Around Greenwood High School Monday, Guilfoy's arrest and rapid resignation was met with disbelief.

"Very surprised. Taken aback by it. Very personable guy. Never saw anything out of the ordinary with him," said Kevin Dixon, the father of children in the district.

"First instinct was for his family. Thinking about his wife," said Dixon. I know Mrs. Guilfoy, the principal."

Guilfoy's wife is a principal at a different school.

"Very nice woman. Two young girls and felt more for them. Concerned, obviously, for the young woman involved with it," Dixon continued.

He knew Tim Guilfoy as a coach on the football and golf teams.

Eyewitness News met Guilfoy a few years ago while shooting a story on department store layaway programs.

A student told the school yearbook Guilfoy knew "how to make literature enjoyable" and understood teens' "challenges."

But another former student told us Guilfoy could be cocky. Coming out of a Colts game, he says Guilfoy and other teachers made an obscene gesture to him and other students.

Another ex-student says he had a tougher time.

"I am a nurse and the reason I am a nurse is actually because of him," said 2012 graduate Daniel Wagner.

Wagner says he wanted to prove to Guilfoy and others who bullied him that he could succeed.

"He was referring to me in a negative way," Daniel said of the teacher, "saying I was a bad student and he didn't need a person like me in the school. I got extremely upset. I got depressed."

We asked if he was surprised at the sex charges against his former teacher.

"Doesn't surprise me at all," Wagner said.

The Marion County Prosecutor's Office is reviewing the case for formal charges.

Greenwood Community Schools officials say they will cooperate fully with the investigation.