Greenwood officer talks about his long road back after getting shot in the line of duty

Ofc. Eric McElhaney, Greenwood PD
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Seven years after a Greenwood police officer was shot five times, he still feels the effects.

"It was a long road coming back, learning to walk, learning to do a lot of things that I couldn't do," Officer Eric McElhaney explained.

It all started when a routine traffic stop led to a gun battle with an 18-year-old suspect. A bullet-proof vest may have saved his life, but wounds to Ofc. McElhaney's shin, knee, arm and right buttocks still changed his life for years.

McElhaney said he was glad to learn that IMPD officer Greg Milburn was wearing a vest on Friday when he was shot by a suspect early in the morning - not only for Ofc. Milburn's sake, but also for his family's. That's who McElhaney said had the hardest time after HE was shot.

His wounds were physical, but his family's were deeper.

"I wanted to get right back at it, but it was harder for my family," he explained, "and so my family is the one that I really had to take into consideration when I was getting back into the road and getting back to work."

Life isn't all about police work, though. Since he was shot, Ofc. McElhaney said he enjoys life and family more than he ever did. When we met up with him for our interview, he was watching his niece play softball at the Greenwood Lassie League fields.

"You find it sweeter and you realize that life is pretty good," he said. "You're going to go out and enjoy it more."