Greenwood Boy Scouts' trailer stolen from parking lot

Boy Scout Troop 621 in Greenwood had a trailer with their supplies stolen.
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A central Indiana Boy Scout troop is pleading for help after someone stole their trailer full of gear worth thousands of dollars.

"The Boy Scout Motto is 'Be Prepared'," said Ian Rayner, a member of Boy Scout Troop 621.

"The Boy Scout Slogan is to do a good turn daily," said Boy Scout Branndon Castellano.

But the Boy Scouts of Troop 621 in Greenwood weren't prepared for the wrong turn someone did to them recently.

"We had the trailer parked always in this spot where I'm standing," said Scoutmaster Jim Castellano.

This week, the troop discovered their brand new trailer and thousands of dollars of their camping equipment gone from the American Legion Parking Lot on US 31 where they kept it.

"I guess they saw their chance. I mean, why would you do that? It's not right," said Boy Scout Samuel Endris.

The troop also found the locks on the trailer broken.

"Tents, cooking equipment, stoves, propane tanks, propane lanterns, dining shelters, ropes for projects. Even down to the fire extinguishers and charcoal. Everything was in that trailer," Jim Castellano said.

The scouts had spent the past five years raising and saving money to buy the trailer.

"Scrounging, doing service projects, selling popcorn, what Boy Scouts are known for," Jim Castellano said.

"There's got to be honor among thieves and it's not only taking stuff away from kids now. It's taking stuff away from kids from generations from now on," said Boy Scout Andrew Castellano.

All that's left is a broken wooden box with a frying pan, a kettle, a few utensils - not enough for the troop of 45 boys to take camping.

"Now, without our trailer, I don't think we'll be able to do that very often or for awhile now," said Boy Scout Aaron Rayner.

"Who steals from Boy Scouts is what I'm wondering," said Branndon Castellano.

Whoever did steal from them, the Boy Scouts say, could probably have learned a thing or two from them.

"Boy Scouts teaches you good morals in your life, to always not to do bad things and steal things against the law," said Aaron Rayner.

The troop does not yet know what insurance will cover, maybe just the cost of the trailer. Greenwood Police say they have no leads in the theft investigation.