Greenwood Baskin Robbins holds fundraiser for injured IU student

Shelbi Crouch
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Though it felt like fall, people lined up at the Baskin Robbins in Greenwood for something sweet.

On Saturday it wasn't so much about the ice cream. It was all about helping out one of the employees, Shelbi Crouch.

"She's just a wonderful wonderful kid. Just brings joy every time she comes into the store. Happy, smiling - she has a wonderful customer base" said store owner Charlie O'Connor, who says Crouch is like a daughter.

"Coming here, this is where a lot of her family, her second family, is," said Shelbi's mother, Sherri Crouch-Wilson.

Shelbi hasn't worked at the ice cream parlor since a freak go-kart accident left her critically injured in July, robbing her of her long locks she was known for.

"She left and was bouncing out the door out with friends and an hour later I get this phone call," said her mother.

The 19-year-old IU student climbed into the go-kart at the Whiteland Raceway park, her first time in a go-kart, when her long hair got caught in the rear axle. The force removed most of her scalp, causing a traumatic skull and brain injury. Doctors said she was lucky to be alive.

While the past few months have been rough, one thing that has come out of this accident is the growing love and support coming from people she had never met. Cindy Cooper has followed Shelbi's story on Facebook and is blown away by her strength and perseverance.

"She is so young to have been through what she has been through. She is going to be an awesome adult and I can't wait to find out what she is going to in this world," said Cooper.

There there is William Baker who has offered to donate his long hair so Shelbi can have a wig made.

"I heard about it and I was just divinely steered to get in touch with these people," said Baker.

Shelbi had been looking forward to coming to the shop to thank those who have offered prayer and support, but Friday night she had a reaction to a medication, landing her in the ER for the second time. On Saturday she was too sick to stay very long.

"It's been lots of ups and downs. It seems like we take a couple of steps forward and three steps backwards," said Crouch-Wislon.

But no one here will let her quit, staying with her one step at a time until she makes a full recovery.

While the family has medical insurance, their bills are approaching a half-million dollars with additional surgeries likely in the future.

Baskin Robbins employees are donating all tips to the family and 20 percent of today's sales will be donated to assist with expenses.

Sherri hopes her daughter will eventually be able to go back to school to realize her dream of becoming a pediatric oncology nurse.

You can follow Shelbi's progress and learn more about how to donate by going to her Facebook page.