Greensburg police investigate assaults against teen girls

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Police are warning parents after reports of two sexual assaults on teenagers in Greensburg.

The first attack happened to a 13-year-old girl in an alley off Lincoln Street, the second victim was an 18-year-old girl who was leaving Walmart near Interstate 74.

The 13-year-old victim, who says she missed her bus to school, walked an alley to school near the 300 block of North Lincoln at 7:30 a.m. on September 17 when she was approached by two men in a truck.

"They asked me if I wanted a ride to school," she said.

She told the men no.

"The guy who was driving, his friend got out and shoved me in the truck," the victim said.

The two men, in their 50s, drove her around in a black Dodge truck with a loud muffler, fondled her, then dropped her off.

"They were just laughing and when they brought me back, they just told me to get out," the girl said.

Police are stunned by the assaults.

"This type of thing doesn't happen in Greensburg. We're not used to these type of crimes," said Greensburg Police Det. William Meyerrose.

The second attack happened Monday (September 24). Two men in a black truck outside Walmart grabbed the 18-year-old when she walked by, pulling her into the truck.

After fondling that victim, too, they left her outside town.

"We're trying to work these as independent cases, but we're keeping in mind the similarities," Meyerrose said.

Police are also looking into a similar case north in I-74 in Shelbyville last week.

Shoppers at the Greensburg Walmart Tuesday gave their thoughts on the assaults.

"It's not really a shock. It's how the world is today," said one woman.

"Now we've got two lunatics out here. I'm really scared to bring my child out, it's getting that bad," said another woman.

A woman with a young child in her car said the news of the reported assaults "makes you more alert and more prepared."

The mother of the 13-year-old victim said the two men in the black truck are "perverts." She says she's been told another adult male witness claimed to see her daughter fighting off the men in the truck while he waited at a school bus stop.

"He seen the bald guy, he seen the black truck, but he has not come forward and said anything," the mother said.

She warns other parents to "make sure their kids walk with somebody who can protect them or not be alone."

Her daughter is very anxious for an arrest.

"It'll make me feel, like, safer to be out with my friends and stuff. I'll feel better, because everybody else won't have to worry about it," the victim said.

Police are checking security videos from the Walmart for images of the men in the black truck. They say the driver of the truck has gray hair and a beard with a pot belly. His passenger is skinnier, bald and has a moustache.

Anyone with information about the men or the assaults is asked to contact Greensburg police.