Greensburg Police arrest woman for falsely reporting abduction


Greensburg Police arrested a young woman for falsely reporting that she was abducted this week.

Police arrested Tina Anne Dixon, 18, for making a false report of her own abduction. She told police she was forced into a vehicle by two men as she left the Wal-Mart near I-74, fondled and left by the roadside outside of town. Police now believe her report was not credible.

The first reported incident happened to a 13-year-old girl in an alley off Lincoln Street. She told police that two men in their fifties pulled her into a black Dodge truck and fondled her, then released her.

Dixon's story was very similar to the one told by the first victim. She later admitted that she made the story up, based on the 13-year-old's account.

"She loves drama, she loves attention. Pretty much anything to get attention for herself, whether good attention or bad attention, that's Tina," said Dixon's ex-boyfriend, Ryan Rouse.

Rouse says Dixon actually called him from Wal-Mart Monday night needing a ride. He picked her up, but when she began telling him about a misused debit card, he wanted nothing to do with it and dropped her off.

Later, he saw news stories about an unnamed 18-year-old claiming she was abducted from Walmart.

"I was like, 'That's kind of ironic'," said Rouse.

He knew it had to be Dixon, so he called police. He didn't want to be part of her lie.

"I didn't feel that people should be in fear in our town about an abduction that didn't occur," Rouse said.

"We don't want our community thinking that we've got a couple guys in a black truck picking females up. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of that fear in our community that this is going on. The 13-year-old's case appears to be an isolated incident," said Greensburg Police Detective William Meyerrose

The 13-year-old victim reported her sexual assault 10 days ago. She says she was picked up by two men in a black Dodge truck with a loud muffler while walking to school. The victim's mother had her own reaction to the false report.

"It's crazy," she said. "How someone can take my daughter, what happened to her, so lightly that they would fabricate it for themselves for their own personal reasons. It tears me up how somebody could be that way."

Her daughter's case is still under investigation. Anyone with information about the September 17th abduction in the 300 block of Lincoln Street is asked to contact Greensburg Police at (812) 663-3131.