Greensburg man charged in stepson's shooting death

Craig Roberts
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A Greensburg man faces child neglect charges in the shooting death of his 13-year-old stepson.

Jason L. Forshee, 34, was charged with neglect of a dependent child resulting in death (class A felony) and dangerous control of a child (class C felony).

Craig Roberts, 13, died when his six-year-old brother picked up a gun in the children's home and shot him. Forshee told investigators he had left the gun out to clean it.

"We reviewed this investigation thoroughly and discussed our findings and opinions with Craig's surviving parents. We believe that Craig's tragic death deserves justice," said Decatur County Prosecutor Jim Rosenberry.

Forshee told police he never kept a bullet in the gun's chamber and couldn't explain how it got there. He said he had left the gun alone for no more than 15 seconds when he heard a "pop."