Greensburg man bags 300-pound buck, gets 'back trouble'


A southeastern Indiana deer hunter who bagged a 21-point buck says he named his trophy "Back Trouble" because he strained his back dragging its 300-pound carcass out of the woods. 

Phil Hadley shot the deer last Tuesday while hunting in Decatur County. He tells the Greensburg Daily News the buck was by far the biggest deer he's shot in his long hunting career. 

The Greensburg man says the buck yielded so much meat he may have enough venison to last his family through Christmas. 

Hadley says he'll probably have "Back Trouble's" head mounted as a trophy because it was a special animal due to its size. He calls it "truly a once-in-a-lifetime buck." 

Hadley says, "I'll probably never see one this big ever again." 

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