Greenfield police investigate cyber bullying case over Facebook page

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Police call it a clear case of Facebook bullying as someone who remains anonymous targeted teenagers and even young adults from Greenfield on the social media website.

It's so serious, investigators may file criminal charges.

Greenfield police say if they can prove there's been a crime committed, they'll subpoena Facebook for its records to find out who's responsible for the postings.

The Facebook page's anonymous author goes by the name "Molly Thots." The author claims to be a female student at Greenfield High School.

The posts target mostly women, posting their pictures and accusing them of having STDs, abortions, and for some, like Heather Richardson, being bad mothers.

"It's bullying whether they want to believe it or not," said Richardson, who is 25. "Everyone can see it. It's not just the person saying it to your face and you don't know who's saying it."

"I've never seen somebody make a Facebook page to embarrass people," said Alyssa Anderson.

Anderson's isn't a target. Her sister has been, though.

"That's probably the worst bullying I've ever seen in my life. I've never seen something like that before," said Anderson.

Greenfield police are investigating whether the page's creator has broken the law.

"A lot of it's in poor taste, but then some of it, I believe, in my opinion, has crossed the line," said Greenfield Police Major Derek Towle.

Investigators say they contacted Facebook and got the original page taken down this week.

There's already a new one, though, that's popped up.

"We are monitoring it to find out what's going on with it," said Towle.

According to police, Facebook is also watching.

"They said they would keep an eye on that also and if there is a post on there that is similar to what was happening before, they would remove that post," said Towle.

So far, the new page is requesting information the author says it can post about people.

Richardson isn't taking any of it seriously, but worries younger victims might.

"You never know what people are capable of doing," said Richardson.

Police say so far none of the people named on the site have come forward to file a complaint.

A Facebook spokesperson wouldn't comment directly on the "Molly Thots" page, but according to Facebook policy, the company does not allow anonymous pages and prohibits abusive and harassing behavior directed at individuals.

Facebook has an online option where users can report harassing behavior.