Greenfield officer sues over revoked "0INK" license plate

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A Greenfield police officer is fighting to keep his vanity license plate.

Rodney Vawter has owned the personalized Fraternal Order of Police license plate "0INK" for the past three years. A class action complaint filed in Marion County Superior Court says Vawter has sought the plate "as a humorous comment on the verbal abuse that has frequently been directed towards him in his career as a law enforcement officer, and also as an ironic statement of pride in his profession."

Vawter says the BMV revoked the plate as containing offensive or misleading content. Vawter and his attorney, Ken Falk, claim the reason cited by the BMV for revoking the plate is unconstitutional.

The BMV refers to Indiana Code 9-18-15-4, which allows them refuse a license plate's combination of letters or numbers that "carries a connotation offensive to good taste and decency; or would be misleading."

Falk says he's not aware of any specific complaints received from the public about Vawter's license plate.

The attorney says the class action complaint likely affects hundreds of motorists across the state who have had license plates revoked.