Greenfield man catches burglar in the act, holds him for cops

Jeremy Alexander

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WTHR) - A Greenfield man came home to a burglar, cornered him, and held him for police while he called 911.

It happened over the weekend in a house that's right across the street from the Greenfield Police Department.

Shane Sollars came home late Sunday to not only a looted living room, but also the man who police say did it, still there.

"I noticed immediately that something was wrong," Sollars said, "and so I walked in the door and the place was trashed."

Sollars found 39-year-old Jeremy Alexander standing in his kitchen. He charged Alexander and held him in a bathroom until officers arrived.

"I just charged him. I grabbed a hold of him and penned him for a minute. He ends up coming back here and standing in the bathroom, but this is where he stashed all my stuff," Sollars explained. "First thing he says is, well I charge at him, but he said 'people are walking out your door, carrying your stuff out. I'm here protecting your stuff'. BS. I take off after him."

Sollars was on the phone with 911 dispatch as he was keeping the crook from running away.

"I just came home. I have someone in my house. My house is ransacked and I need the cops here immediately," he said to the dispatcher.

Then he's heard yelling at Alexander, "I'm gonna need you to step over there before I lay you out! How did you get in my house?!"

Police say Alexander likely spent a lot of time in the home. Many of Sollars' belongings were piled in what looks like organized chaos.

"The place is trashed, but he's got everything plugged in. Literally he had all my hats stacked up, all my charging cords. That's why I'm saying he was so OCD about it," Sollars said.

Upstairs, Sollars found jeans and tshirts folded neatly in totes.

And then there's his daughter's room.

Toys were trashed, books and Barbies tossed around, and her change purse with $100 in savings was gone.

"This is the worst part about it. She's nine years old. She does not deserve this," Sollars said. "Anger went through my mind when I came back on Sunday. I mean absolute just...and now it's disgust now."

Alexander is now in the Hancock County Jail and he's due in court in March. Police say they found a syringe, a spoon, and a knife on him, all after getting caught and cornered by his own crime victim.

"He wasn't getting out the door, no," Sollars said. "Hopefully now he'll get put away so he doesn't do this to anybody else."

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