Greenfield-Central student detained after bringing gun to school

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Guns and school don't mix and one high school student learned that the hard way Tuesday. Now, he's in police custody.

Administrators at Greenfield-Central High School learned about the gun before the student even arrived on campus Tuesday, thanks to an anonymous tip.@

"I was worried and concerned," said parent Carrie Skaggs.

"As a parent, you do worry about those kinds of things," said Elizabeth Ratliff.

But as quickly as fear rolled in for parents, it rolled right back out, thanks to quick action.@

"My understanding is the young man took the gun to school to sell it," said Greenfield Police Chief John Jester.

Police say the anonymous tip led the school resource officer to get that student as soon as he arrived at school and take him to the principal's office. That's where the small, .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun was found in his possession. Police say they didn't hear of any specific threat connected to the 16-year-old student.

"However, when you put a gun on a 16-year-old's hand who doesn't know how to handle a gun maybe, then I think there's a threat there. The gun could accidentally go off, he could be showing it to somebody, they would take it and not have any experience with a gun and possibly have a round go off," said Jester.@

That's why school administrators and parents are so grateful for the heads up.@

"Luckily, a child said something. I have faith in our administration. It's like a family. They wouldn't put kids at risk," said Ratliff.@

"I'm glad the resource officer did his job and was able to get the situation contained before it became something really bad," said Skaggs.@

"It's not unusual that the high school responds to anonymous tips. But today just showed me that all of that leads to something like today, where it works and we feel really confident this student is where he needs to be," said Greenfield-Central Superintendent@Dr. Linda Gellert.

That student is in police custody and is facing several charges, including possession of a gun without permit and having a gun on school property.@

In this case, school officials say the gun wasn't loaded. Where the student got the gun from,@who he was selling it to and for what reason are all still questions waiting to be answered.