Greenfield boy back at full speed weeks after pool rescue

Kolton Stratton was rescued from a swimming pool last month.
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A six-year-old Greenfield boy is lucky to be alive after nearly drowning in a neighborhood pool. Kolton Stratton was pulled to safety last month by a 16-year-old Wayne County boy who noticed something was wrong.

"Ride like the wind!" Kolton shouts as he speeds up and down his street on his bike.

Looking at him now, it's hard to imagine what happened just three weeks ago.

"I thought I lost him," explained his mother, Elizabeth Stratton. "He was lifeless when they pulled him out. He was purple, blue...he had blood coming out of the right side of his nose."

It was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Kolton was in a neighborhood pool, just a few hundred feet from his house.

"He was on a noodle and he slipped off of it and he panicked, is what happened," his mother explained.

Luckily, Trey Taylor, staying at his mom's house, was standing nearby and noticed something at the bottom of the pool.

"I just scanned the pool and when I saw, like, a darker shape, I realized someone was under," said Taylor.

Trey pulled Kolton to the surface where he was given CPR by an off-duty police officer and taken to the hospital. Fire officials say without Trey's actions, Kolton would likely not have survived.

"I just...I don't know the right words to say to him, other than, I'm very thankful that he was there. I don't know what else to say," Elizabeth Stratton said.

"Proud, honestly," said Taylor. "Glad. I'm really glad he's okay, though."

Kolton spent less than 24 hours at the hospital and now, it's as if nothing ever happened.

"He's a miracle!" said Elizabeth Stratton.

A miracle enabled by a teenager who was not only at the right place at the right time, but was willing to act.

"Him actually taking part and taking the initiative to dive into the pool. There's really not words that can explain it," said Steven Taylor, Trey’s father. "That little boy is alive because of my son and that's one of those proud daddy moments."

Tuesday night, Taylor was honored by the Greenfield Fire Department for his actions. He will receive the Community Lifesaver Award at the fire department's annual banquet later this year.