Graffiti vandals strike Broad Ripple

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Taggers left their mark along the Monon overnight, with a wave of graffiti in Broad Ripple, including tags that taunt police.

Artist Justin Vining inspires, working watercolors and acrylics in his Broad Ripple art studio. But the medium someone used outside has him frustrated.

"Some people do call this art. I'd say that's probably a stretch," Vining said. "I kind of feel helpless when this stuff goes on because what can you really do to prevent it? The other frustrating is the quantity. It's's all over."

The graffiti covers signs, businesses and trucks up and down Cornell Avenue and all along the Monon.

A truck from Dependable Tree Service, doing work in the area, was tagged twice.

"We walked right past it twice before we realized that it'd been vandalized. It's pretty frustrating since we just built this truck a year ago," said Chuck Rose, Dependable Tree Service. "We don't want this advertising for them driving on the street for sure."

What especially angers these guys is the the taggers even taunted police, with a scrawled out message on one business, saying "Can't catch me."

"I don't know what these people are thinking, but it's not funny," Rose said.

It's not just graffiti. Business owners say they're also concerned because this same area was hit by a crime wave a couple of months ago.

"There was definitely a string of thefts, burglaries, businesses being broken into and it's been quiet for a couple months and then this morning, woke up to this," Vining said.

"I'd love to see them prosecuted - caught and prosecuted."

The tree service reported the graffiti to metro police.

Business owners on the Monon say they just want it stopped.