Gov. Daniels weighs political future

Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-Indiana)
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Kevin Rader/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - It promises to be one of the biggest political questions next year. Will Gov. Mitch Daniels run for president? In part three of our series of year-end conversations with the governor, he talked about his political future.

(Read part one (education) and part two (jobs).

WTHR: "Let's talk about your future since everyone else is talking about your future. I read recently where you told a TV station in Fort Wayne it is getting close to the time where you need to decide here?"

Daniels: "Sure, and I guess I will know when that is. I will sense when that is. It's still gonna be something to think about in my spare time. We've got such a great opportunity now. The questions we have been addressing illustrate the size of the opportunity to really do some important things for the future of our state. That is going to have my full attention until we have gotten it done. Somewhere along the line there I will deliver on what I owe and that is a yes or no on this other question."

WTHR: "Is there a sign or something you are looking for economically?"

Daniels (laughing): "It is a very strange thing even to imagine for me and so a lot would have to go into it but I am concerned about the country. The easy - honestly , it would be a very easy call not do it if I thought the nation was in good shape or decent shape. I am very, very concerned about the debt burden we have piled up for ourselves about the apparent inability of the national government to protect our future and so I am hoping to see improvements give me greater encouragement. But then there are so many other things out there including family. We will come to terms with them here in the next few months."

WTHR: "Or if someone else should come forward. You have said that all along."

Daniels: "Yeah, sure that's other thing that we may be about to find out. People who are far more certain about wanting to do this or are about to step out there and maybe we will see someone who really appears to be ready to do what needs doing. That would be another variable that could enter in."

WTHR: "As we wrap up this year what do you say to Hoosiers? It obviously has been another tough year for Hoosiers economically."

Daniels: "I say I am enormously proud of our state. I'm really proud of the people in it. Again this year they showed a work ethic. They showed a compassion for each other, a willingness to help each other when that was called for. We took care of business here as a people and as a state better than most other places. We made do within our means and protected people against either terrible cutbacks or taxes that they couldn't afford. I am just so grateful to be their employee at this time in our history. We will try to be half as good at this job as they are in theirs."

WTHR: "Thank you, governor. Merry Christmas."

Daniels: "Merry Christmas."