Gov. Daniels responds to crash victim's family

Eric Wells

Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - The family of motorcycle rider Eric Wells wants a different response from the governor. The two have been communicating with each over through letters as the family demands a state police investigation into Wells' death in a crash with an IMPD officer.

"IMPD needs to be taken out of completely," said Ryan Wells, Eric Wells' brother. He spoke to Eyewitness News via Skype, saying he wants changes in the Officer David Bisard crash investigation.

The Wells family and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels have exchanged letters about the issue. Bisard reportedly slammed his cruiser into two motorcycles on August 6th, killing Wells and injuring two other riders.

Gov. Daniels says he is deeply sorry about Eric Wells' death, but says there is no role the state can play in the investigation.

Wells' parents wrote letters to Daniels asking Indiana State Police to investigate the crash. They wrote saying state investigators would help "insure justice." They also challenged Daniels' possible run for the White House writing, "You can't take care of the country if you can't take care of the state of Indiana and its citizens."

"The FBI is in it and there is no role for the state and nothing we can add. I am glad that the higher and appropriate authority is in there and that someone is going to get to the bottom of it," said Daniels.

"The FBI needs to be taken out of it because they can't do anything. They know they can't do anything. IMPD needs to be taken out completely because they are the ones being investigated. If I go and commit a murder I doubt if anyone is going to allow me to investigate myself. That is just complete ludicrous," said Ryan Wells.

In a handwritten letter to Wells' widow, Daniels wrote, "I share with your wish that the truth be found and justice done."

Also, Wells' parents say they sent the governor two letters asking for his help but hadn't heard back.

In the latest letter the Wells family wrote the governor, "Your lack of concern for my family and the other families directly involved are noted. But your lack of concern for justice for all of those who live in Indianapolis, the largest city in your state, is beyond my comprehension."

Wednesday, the governor responded.

"The widow wrote me and I immediately wrote back a handwritten note. Like everyone, my heart goes out to the family and I answer all my mail. I was very upset when it appeared that I somehow missed the letter. It turned out they wrote the mayor and I was one of several people copied. It was not written to me," he said.

Channel 13 learned earlier this week that Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard expects the Bisard Investigation to take another four weeks. Ballard insists that FBI involved will result in a fair investigation.

A relative of Eric Wells has asked Mayor Ballard to install a roadside memorial sign at the crash site. The mayor told Eyewitness News he wants to make that happen.