Gov. Daniels focuses on 2012 goals

Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN)

The countdown to the caucuses in Iowa is underway. At one time, Gov. Mitch Daniels was thought to be one of the candidates, but he opted not to run. In the third part of our one-on-one interview with the governor, he talks about what comes next.

Eyewitness News: "We are coming up on national politics with Iowa a little over a week away. Any favorite in that?"

Daniels: "The Republican nominee would be my favorite this year. I do believe for the reasons we've discussed, the lousy economy and crazy situation we are in because of our debts, that we have to have a change in national policy. That will take a new president but I don't know which one of these folks yet will be the survivor of that process."

EN: "What if there is a deadlocked convention for the first time in my lifetime and Republicans turn to Mitch Daniels?"

Daniels: "That's to pile improbability on top of an unlikelihood. All I know is journalists like you would have a great time. You would have one of the best stories yo would ever hope to cover. It would be great spectator sport for everyone. Not very likely to happen."

EN: "Are you ready for this to end?"

Daniels: "Oh, I think so. Things do in life but what I am not ready to do is think about that yet. I gotta have the discipline to stay on task. We will think about what we are ready for when the time comes."

EN: "Governor, do you have a New Year's wish?"

Daniels: "Better national economy. Give us more opportunities. We know what to do with them. The world knows we are here now. We just need more businesses to look less fearful of what Washington is going to do to them and a little more optimistic about hiring new people when they do a whole lot of them will pick Indiana as they have been."

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