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The following agencies and organizations can provide information on or assistance with some of the most common problems our viewers experience.  We hope these are of some help to you. If not, email

General Consumer Complaints

The Indiana Attorney General's consumer complaint division investigates all manner of complaints from consumers, except utility matters. Phone: 232-6330 or 1.800.382.5516.

Utility complaints

Two agencies handled consumer calls in Indiana: the Utility Consumer Counselor, 888-441-2494, and the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, 800-851-4268.

Gas prices

The Attorney General has a gas gouging information page.

Do Not Call lists

Both the state and federal government maintain these lists. For the state list, go to the attorney general's page. Click here for the federal list. Note: State law restricting who can call you is currently more stringent than the federal law, which means you're probably better off signing up for the Indiana list. You only have to sign up once.

The Indiana Department of Insurance handles consumer complaints about insurance companies. Phone: 800-622-4461.

The Better Business Bureau handles complaints and offers information about businesses. Call the organization at 488-2222 or look up a company's record online.

The Federal Trade Commission also investigate consumer complaints against businesses. Call the agency at 877-382-4357 or check out the FTC website for information on common issues such as online lottery and government grant scams.

For help resolving disputes with landlords in Marion County, call the Tenant-Landlord Coalition at 322-2369.

For complaints against licensed professionals such as plumbers, pharmacists and doctors, check the Professional Licensing Agency. You can call the Medical Licensing Board at 234-2060 for complaints and information about doctors and nurses. To file a malpractice complaint, however, you must contact the state insurance department at 800-622-4461.

Lawmakers. State and local legislators sometimes provide services to help constituents resolve problems.

Find your state legislator

For local lawmakers, check the following sites:

Marion County

Other counties

For workplace issues, consider the following agencies:

The state labor department, for wage and other complaints involving employers

The federal labor department

For complaints about workplace discrimination, contact the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at 1-800-669-4000 or the Indiana Civil Rights Commission at 232-2600.

The Indiana Occupation Safety and Health Division, for concerns about workplace safety.

Legal help

For a simple referral to an attorney, call the Indiana State Bar Association at 639.5465. There are also several agencies that provide free or reduced cost legal help to those who meet income guidelines, including:

Legal Aid, 635-9538.

Legal Services Organization, 632-5764.

The Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, 429-4131.

For more information on lawyers who provide pro bono services, check the Indiana Pro Bono Commission's website

To check the record of an attorney or file a complaint about attorney misconduct, call the Indiana Supreme Court disciplinary commission, 232-1807.

To file a complaint about a judge, call the Judicial Qualifications and Nominating Commission, 232.2542 .

Children's and Family Issues

For child support issues, call the state's hotline at 800-840-8757 or check the state's website. Also, a nationwide non-profit agency offers assistance.

For concerns about possible child abuse, call the state hotline at 800-800-5556 or check here.

For help with domestic violence

Health Issues

Local city and county agencies handle many health and safety issues. In Indianapolis, call the Mayor's Action Center to report problems such as flooding, police response, health hazards and so on. Call 327-4622.

For health concerns such as mold in buildings or unsafe properties, contact your county's health department. In Marion County, call 221-2150.

For social services such as heating bill assistance, check these agencies:

Community Action, 396-1800.

Information and Referral Network (for social services help), 926-HELP or click here.

The Governor's Council on Disabilities

Things You Saw on Channel 13

Crimestoppers. For information on cases highlighted in Crimestopper segments, check this website.

For copies of recent stories Channel 13 has aired, contact our assignment desk manager.