Gordon family gets together around basketball

Eric Gordon is a free agent this summer.
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For the fourth year in a row, the Jewish Community Center is the home of Eric Gordon's basketball camp. Though a closer glance behind the scenes reveals it's more than hoops instruction, it's really a family reunion.

"This is the first time in nine months where everyone has been here," said family patriarch, Eric Gordon Sr.

It's an incredibly busy time to be a Gordon. Eric, who stars for the New Orleans Hornets, is a restricted free agent. He's also on short list for tryouts for the U.S. Olympic basketball team.

Evan Gordon is the middle son. He is heading to Arizona State to play basketball this season. Eron Gordon is the baby of the family, but he may be the best player yet.

He is going to be a freshman at North Central High School this fall. He already has basketball scholarship offers from Indiana and Purdue.

"I feel like I'm following in their footsteps," Eron said of his brothers.

Despite the hype, the rising freshman isn't planning on making a college decision anytime soon. He's not even in high school yet. Besides, the youngest Gordon is too busy enjoying backyard and JCC battles with his brothers.

As Evan heads to the Pac-12 Conference, Eric hopes to land in London with USA Basketball

"That's the best moment," said Eric. "As a kid, you always hear the national anthem before school. You really feel it when you win a gold medal and represent at the same time."

Whether he makes it to England or not Eric, is waiting for the Hornets to make him a contract offer. His basketball rights belong to New Orleans, but that doesn't stop him from thinking about a future with his hometown Pacers.

"People always look forward to seeing if I have a chance to play here. I could have a good chance of being here this summer, you just don't know," he said.

On the horizon are new contracts, new conferences, the Olympics and scholarship offers. Three slow days of summer camp sound great to the Gordons.