Good Samaritan attacked by woman asking for money

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A woman who thought she was helping a person in need ended up being a victim herself.

It happened at West 38th Street on Boulevard when she thought she saw a mother trying to see her children and decided to step in.

"That's pretty much the only injury. I have a pretty good mark on my eye," said Kay, who asked to remain anonymous. She's still recovering after being attacked by someone she was trying to help.

It happened at West 38th Street and Boulevard when she stopped at the red light. A woman gave her a sob story about being stranded away from her children.

"A girl walked up to the window and asked me for bus money. So I reached into my front pocket and pulled out my money to hand her a little bit of bus money...trying to do what's right," said Kay.

For Kay, who is also a mother, opening her heart and pocketbook was a financial sacrifice. She had just finished a long night of non-stop pizza deliveries. But as she gave her tip money to the woman outside her car, "She hit me in the face with something, took the whole wad of money out of my hand and just took off running. "

"It was over a hundred dollars so that was gas bill, IPL bill, groceries for the week," said Kay.

After the attack, Kay called police right away. Within minutes, Metro Police officers contacted Kay saying they tracked down and arrested 41-year-old Catina Tillman for robbery and theft.

"It happened so fast, and it was like okay, they really cared about what had actually happened," said Kay.

Now the woman who has never given thought to being a financial blessing to others is cautioning others to be careful when doing a good deed.