Gondola ride above Olympic Village

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It's a quick trip to the Russian village of Krasnaya Polyana nestled in the heart of the mountains.

The peaks are daunting and seem so far away, but that's where all the Olympic competitions are taking place.

We decided to take a gondola ride to the top of the mountain.

In a matter of seconds, the views were simply amazing.

We were soon looking down on Rosa Kutur, and it was awesome. I advised photojournalist Ryan Thedwall not to look down!

If you look way off in the distance, you see the Alpine area. The top of those peaks is where they do the men's and women's giant slalom. I can't imagine skiing down that!

We took one gondola to the Olympic Village. The lifts can take visitors the way to the clouds, but I wasn't sure how to get down!

Covering the Olympics, I have had the chance to go to London and Italy.

I was in the Italian Alps, but I have to tell you it's spectacular being here in Russia. I never dreamed it would be this pretty. It is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Wow, going to run out of room on my phone taking so many pictures.

We are almost to the top. We are in the clouds. We made it, we are in the clouds, above the clouds!