Gloomy forecast delays Halloween plans across Indiana

Trick or treaters in many towns will have to wait before collecting their goodies this year.
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The scare will be in the skies on Thursday night. Gusty winds bringing heavy rain are playing tricks on Halloween plans.

Around the metro area and beyond, official Halloween is moving from October 31 to November 1.

For sisters Jaliya and Kiera Harris, they don't mind the switch.

"Because then you'd have more time for Halloween and we won't have to go home early," they say.

Friday Halloween means no getting up for class in the morning.

At Party Wizard's Costumes in Muncie, other parents didn't want their kids out in heavy rain and wind, either.

"This is a very good call. We were wondering about all the rain and everything. Moving it to Friday is a lot better idea. Other people I talked to are in agreement," said parent Ashley White.

The store owner isn't frightened by the idea, either. It means an extra day to sell costumes.

"It gives people an extra pay day. Kids may get a better costume. Adults may decide to have a party," said Troy Davis, who also sells party supplies.

But Michael Keihn, who for years has staged a haunted house at his own Muncie home for kids in the neighborhood, says the haunting will go on - rain, wind or shine.

He says he can't get his 30 actors back on Friday as many are working other jobs.

"It's the fact that they're going to change it and ruin it for the people who have had their heart set on it," says Keihn.

Police ask folks use their heads, too.

Updated trick or treat times