Girl's legacy grows at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital

A cheerleader-themed room is the first for young girls at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.

A young girl's time in the hospital will have an impact on dozens of other sick children.

"Let's go," said Jamie Davis as she clapped her hands in a cheer.

When you're fighting cancer like six-year-old Jamie has been since 2011, sometimes a good cheer is just what you need to keep on fighting.

"I had to get shots in the leg with, like, a little needle in my leg," Jamie said of her treatments while she stays at St. Vincent Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.

For Jamie, being in a cheerleader-themed room at the hospital has made a difference.

"I like the little cheerleading clothes up there," Jamie said, pointing to the wall.

Another little girl liked those clothes, too. Ten-year-old Emily DelVecchio passed away six months ago. Emily came up with the idea for a cheer room when she was patient at the hospital, after she noticed there were no rooms there with themes geared towards girls.

Indianapolis insurance company Baldwin and Lyons had already decided to donate money for more themed rooms there, but Emily's story just increased their commitment.

"In her honor and with her spirit, she's looking down right now, saying 'You had better make sure that there are girl-themed rooms coming to follow," said Joe DeVito, the company's CEO.

The company has pledged a quarter of a million dollars for 10 more rooms over the next five years.

"I'm just so excited and I know Emily would be so thrilled," said Lori DelVecchio, Emily's mother.

"It's a good feeling to know that she's still having an impact even today," echoed Emily's father Joe.

Baldwin and Lyons wants to help transform more rooms for other patients like Jamie, who need something to make their visits here not so painful. Something to inspire them, to keep on fighting.

"The room becomes their home," explained Joe DelVecchio. "They're there, some kids, for months at a time."

"When you see the kids that are in these beds, it is a life changing event," said DeVito.

Kids, like Emily DelVecchio, who certainly left her mark at the hospital.

"We're going to do another room for girls, so will you help us think about what you would put in another room for girls?" DeVito asked Jamie, as she sat in the cheerleading room dedicated to Emily DelVecchio.

Jamie's answer will help the six-year-old leave her mark too.

Baldwin and Lyons has already created a Dan Wheldon-themed room and they're working on an Indiana University themed room. The next room they create will be geared just for girls.

Right now, there are nine rooms that come with specific themes. Baldwin and Lyons says it's committed to creating five rooms for boys and five for girls.