Girl Scouts organize donations for tornado survivors

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More help is on the way to southern Indiana to help tornado victims. Thursday morning, Girl Scouts of Central Indiana loaded up a truck full of donated items.

Last weekend, the Girl Scouts went to Marsh Supermarkets to collect groceries and other items from shoppers there. Thursday, they went to Camp Dellwood on the west side where they loaded all of those items on to a truck provided by Planes Commercial Services. The truck will take the groceries, water, first aid items, other toiletries, trash bags and all kinds of essentials to southern Indiana and distribute the items to storm victims.

The whole idea is to help those in need but also send an important message to the Girl Scouts.

"This is completely a teachable moment for our Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts is all about building leaders and so what a great way for girls to get out and learn real leadership skills and giving back to their community," said Deanna Potterf, Girl Scouts of Central Indiana.

"Girls were really learning about things like what happens during a storm and how are people really affected, and it really puts a personal touch on the things that you see on the news on a daily basis," she added.

"I feel bad for those people that lost their homes. And it's better to help than not to," said Justice Balay, 11.

The truck will bring everything from trash bags to Band-Aids - along with some boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

All of the donations end up at a Red Cross shelter in Scottsburg.

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