Girl, 6, recovering from attack by family's dogs

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A routine feeding of two family pet Rottweilers turned into a vicious attack on a six-year-old girl.

The attack happened Saturday at a home in Scipio, in Jennings County.

The girl is recovering from her injuries at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

"She's a tough little girl. She didn't cry one tear," said Heidi Cooley.

Cooley's daughter, Joslyn, was attacked at her grandfather's home. The dogs left her covered with more than a dozen bite wounds and blood.

"Her face. She's got some damage on her face. Plastic surgery, they did amazing," Cooley said.

Joslyn helped her stepfather feed the dogs by filling a bucket with water. But when it came time to eat, the dogs turned on the girl as her stepfather tried to protect her.

"Our saving grace was God, because (stepfather) said 'Jesus, rescue us!' and as soon as he said that, the neighbor was there with a gun," Cooley said.

"They were raised with these puppies," said Joslyn's grandfather, Tim Hadley.

Hadley showed Eyewitness News where they kept the Rottweilers behind a locked gate. He says they've never shown any aggression, which can serve as a warning for other families with kids and dogs.

"I called Animal Control this morning and they told me the male is just as sweet and his disposition, he shows no sign of a vicious dog," Hadley said.

The last conversation he had with his granddaughter about the attack left him speechless.

"She opened her eyes, she said, 'Papa, we had to shoot your dogs.' I said, 'Baby, it's okay'," Hadley said. "She shut her eyes for a second and then she opened them back up, she said, 'Papa, why did they try to kill me?' I was, like, 'How do you answer that kind of question?'"

Joslyn's family is still waiting to learn her long-term prognosis, but doctors tell them she will make a full recovery with no lasting effects.