Girl, 12, hit by bullet that came through window

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A 12-year-old girl caught in the crossfire of the city's increasing violent crimes is out of the hospital. Family members say she will recover after being shot in the arm.

Around midnight, gunmen unloaded on an apartment near 34th and Moller Road on the Indianapolis northwest side. Police found 40 spent shell casings fired from a handgun and an assault rifle.

Ty Dullen, a neighbor, described the terror.  "A big kaboom," she said. "A lot of them just round after round."

Glass shattering around them, Dullen and her husband hit the floor.

"We held on to each other and got down and got our kids to make sure they were safe," she said.

The gunfire was apparently aimed at a neighbor, Charece Watson. One of the bullets hit her sleeping 12-year-old daughter in the arm.

During daylight hours, the damage told the story. WTHR's crew found at least 20 windows and walls that had been shot through.

Several more ripped into Dullen's apartment. Her husband Rodney Smith pointed to a bullet on the floor. 

"My wife is talking about moving, but it's everywhere," he said.

Chris Watson watched from outside. He had no idea who would target his sister and niece. 

"Just innocent people in a bad environment," he said, shaking his head.

The city's increase in murderous crime is mostly attributed to drug traffickers and gangs fighting among themselves.

"I hear it all the time." said Rev. Charles Harrison, Ten Point Coalition, referring to the suggestion that a shooting could be connected to a drug dealer. "They don't care."

The peace keeper and pastor says that attitude spreads violence. In recent weeks, a store clerk was killed by a shoplifter and an expectant father was executed on a morning walk.

"If they can do it to each other, they feel like they can do it to you. We are not holding them accountable," Harrison explained.

Two west side families were lucky. "Yes," Dullen sighed. "Thank the Lord we are okay."

No one in Dullen's family was hurt, but their apartment had a lot of damage from the gunfire.

At this point IMPD Investigators believe it is a random shooting.  They've found no evidence the family was targeted. Neighbors could only tell police there were at least two gunmen.

There were at least four people in the 12-year-old's home, but she was the only one hurt.