Giant snowman stands tall in Speedway

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John Duong/WTHR photojournalist

Many of us are fed up with all the snow we've gotten this winter season. But a local man is finding a silver lining in all the white stuff.

Alan Burke and his brother Eric spent the better part of the month constructing the 18-foot, one-inch snowman, located at 22nd St and Fishers St in Speedway. They used all the snow in Alan's front yard to build the snowman using a 20-foot ladder, buckets and a wheelbarrow.

Nostalgia motivated the Burke brothers to undertake the personal project.

"Me and my brother when we were growing up we didn't get to build snowman like this," said Alan. "My brother lives here, so we just basically started building a snowman."

And the giant snowman has not gone unnoticed in the neighborhood, just blocks from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Neighbors have walked over to take pictures and compliment Alan and his brother. Even drivers who pass the intersection have pulled over and gotten out to take photos.

"All the neighbors come by and they're saying 'thank you for bringing the joy to the neighborhood during this freezing cold weather,'" said Alan.

Another factor that prompted the Burke brothers was their father. The elder Burke passed away last year with lung cancer and Alan says this was a way for him and his brother to bond together and honor their late father.