"Get healthy" tops resolution list for many

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It's one of the top resolutions every new year. Some even call it a matter of life and death.

LA Fitness closed early for New Year's Day, but when they re-open tomorrow, there are many new members who will be coming through those doors, trying to start out their New Year with a healthier lifestyle.

It's 2013. That means it's time to get in shape.

"The New Year's resolutioners are coming in and they're definitely wanting to get a fresh start," said Rod Brooks with LA Fitness.

LA Fitness saw huge numbers New Year's Day morning.

"Basically, its been crazier earlier today. We opened up at 8 and people are just coming to us slammin'. Our phones probably been ringing more than anything else, people calling in about New Years pricing," said Brooks.

Many of them have the same goal: getting healthy.

"Get healthier. Work out. I'm a diabetic so I want to kind of work out and get my diabetes under control," explained Judy Dunville.

"Less alcohol. That's probably about it and try to quit smoking. I have two vices in life. I don't like to admit them, but it's the truth," added Dan Willis.

"We wanted to get in better shape, both physically and mentally, so we came back to the gym," said Keri Ann Harper. "New Year's to a lot of people means a new beginning basically, so they want to change their lifestyle. Basically, that's how we feel."

It's not that easy, though, for everyone to stick to the program, no matter what their intentions.

"I just see 'em January, February and then maybe 3 or 4 weeks after that, you don't see 'em anymore. And they make that New Year's resolution and after that, they don't stick with it," explained Keith Nicholson a longtime gym member.

"It really does take a lot of determination, motivation and just needing to get back in shape to feel better not, just physically, its a mental thing as well," said Harper.

Experts say one of the best ways to keep your resolution is to get a workout buddy, someone to whom you can be accountable to if you fall off the workout wagon.