German Shepherd rescue remembers fallen officer

Officer Rod Bradway with "Tucker," a German Shepherd he recently adopted.

Officer Rod Bradway was a true public servant, not only working to serve and protect people, but also animals.

He and his wife collected a trailer full of animal supplies to take to Moore, Oklahoma after the tornadoes hit there in May. This is just one of many examples.

That's why the Indy City Market expanded its services Wednesday to include an animal supply drive for Indianapolis Animal Care and Control in honor of Officer Bradway. People gave animal toys, treats, food and cleaning supplies - even cash donations - to help the shelter keep up with the more than 700 animals they regularly care for.

Most recently, Officer Bradway gave the majority of his free time to one animal rescue in particular, providing a new home to animals who needed it most. The owner of German Shepherd Indy Rescue is still in shock at such a big loss to the local animal community.

To say Amber Marks loves her job is an understatement. She gave up a career in corporate America to sling it out in the trenches with a lively bunch that make up German Shepherd Rescue Indy. These German Shepherds never complain. They never criticize. They only love and love to be loved.

Perhaps that's what Officer Bradway saw when he showed up one day two months ago at the request of a mutual friend to help Amber prepare her new, larger shelter.

"The first time he was here, he was here over 10 hours, hard labor. It was almost like he shared my vision and just did whatever it took to get it to fruition," said Marks.

The public servant didn't discriminate between man and animal when it came to serving and protecting.

"He secured all of the fencing up above the kennel walls. So, he helped secure that. He was pivotal in making everything come together so I could bring the shepherds here and save more," said Marks.

Nineteen dogs, 19 different stories - Red was found abandoned on the highway.

"I named him Bradway because he deserves a chance. He's a beautiful man and he's going to get a great home, I'm going to make sure of it and this is to honor Officer Bradway," said Marks.

Just as Officer Bradway gave another dog a chance.

"He took in a dog, him and his wife, who suffered neglect and cruelty and brought the dog back to health and just adopted it," said Marks.

The Bradways just adopted Tucker last week. It's a final act in a heart wrenching story that closes with at least one happy ending.

"Someone that has a huge heart. It's like they're born to give," said Marks.

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