Georgia prepares for winter storm

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Georgia officials say they are prepared for a second round of major winter weather expected later today.

Armed with 22,000 tons of salt, 70,000 gallons of brine and 45,000 tons of gravel, road crews are waiting for this morning's rain to turn into sleet and freezing rain.

Along with the Georgia National Guard, power crews from neighboring states are also on stand-by waiting for the worst weather to strike. Officials at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson international airport aren't taking any chances.

So far more than 800 flights have been canceled in anticipation of the weather. 

Officials say the potential for massive power outages is great, especially along a swath of the south from Atlanta to Columbia, South Carolina.

It's why millions of southerners scurried to stock up Tuesday. 

"Close to $300 on groceries. Our cabinets were bare anyways, but I figured I didn't want to have to go back out," said Deenie Anderson, Atlanta resident.

The ice storm will give Georgia officials another chance to get it right.

They were roundly criticized for a poor response to the last winter storm two weeks ago, but promised to do better this time.

"All have one thing that they are focused on and that is the safety and security of the public here in the state of Georgia," said Gov. Nathan Deal (R-GA).

Parts of Texas got an icy taste Tuesday of what's headed to the east. While other parts of the south ended up with snow, a half-foot fell from Mississippi to the Carolinas with more on the way Wednesday up the Atlantic seaboard.