Geist neighborhood stepping up precautions after break-ins

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A Geist neighborhood is taking precautions after a rise in home break-ins over the last six month.

Dozens of homes have been hit by burglars on the northeast side, all within blocks of each other. Even the Neighborhood Watch captain was broken into twice.

Burglary victim John Seybert showed us Eyewitness News his new security door. He had it installed after burglars broke in not just once, but twice.

"They pried it and kicked it off the hinges," he explained. "They went up the steps to the main bedroom and the other bedrooms searching for stuff."

Seybert lives in the 46256 zip code where police have investigated as many as 50 break-ins just in the past six months. Now Seybert, a Crime Watch block captain, has a new - and very loud - home alarm system, plus cameras recording 24/7 inside and out.

"You want to have a picture that is stamped with a date and the secret is I might know who it is when I see the picture," he said.

Some common sense tips: to protect your family and home, police say always lock and secure every door and window. Don't assume your neighborhood is immune to burglaries. Also, install an alarm system, and get involved with your neighborhood Crime Watch.

As a volunteer block captain, Seybert's job is to recruit people for Crime Watch.

"Most of the time people are more than willing, basically. I only have ten people on my street," he said.

Seybert says people in his neighborhood have reported seeing a strange vehicle and what could be a two-man burglary team, so now they have a game plan to prevent more break-ins.