Gay marriage supporters see opening for Indiana ban

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Gay marriage supporters in Indiana are celebrating a victory in Washington while girding for a possible battle at the Statehouse.

Indiana Equality Action President Chris Paulsen said Wednesday he's uncertain whether state lawmakers will push a constitutional ban on gay marriage next session, but that supporters are ready for a fight.

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a federal law barring benefits for same-sex couples and effectively upheld gay marriage in California in separate rulings. But it wasn't immediately clear what effect the rulings would have throughout the states.

American Family Association of Indiana executive director Micah Clark says the rulings "did not rewrite marriage for Indiana."

Indiana law already prohibits gay marriage, but House Speaker Brian Bosma is readying a drive to write Indiana's ban on gay marriage into the state constitution.

Bosma says the pair of rulings the U.S. Supreme Court handed down on gay marriage Wednesday cleared the way for state action on the issue. Bosma and Senate President Pro Tem David Long held off pushing the issue earlier this year while awaiting the high court rulings.

Gay marriage is already banned in Indiana, but lawmakers and marriage activists say the state law could be overturned in a state court unless it is written into Indiana's constitution. Amending the constitution requires lawmakers to approve a measure in two consecutive sessions and then place the issue before voters.

The measure has already passed once.

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