GasBuddy: Indiana cities have worst gas price spikes

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Turns out the gasoline price hikes in Indiana's two largest cities have been pretty bad after all. A review by the website found Fort Wayne with the country's highest one-day average price hikes this year and Indianapolis coming in second.

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GasBuddy says Fort Wayne's spikes averaged 34 cents a gallon and Indianapolis averaged 32 cents. GasBuddy analyst Patrick DeHaan tells Eyewitness News partner The Indianapolis Star that the Great Lakes states have seen the largest price fluctuations, partly because of two refinery closures and a refinery fire in the region this year.

Indiana's gas prices jumped to well over $4 a gallon in June before dropping. The state's average price on Tuesday of $3.44 a gallon is a little below the national average, but DeHaan doesn't expect that lasting long.

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