Gas pump glitch gives drivers 44-cent gas in Anderson

Drivers in Anderson cashed in on 44-cent gas due to a glitch Wednesday evening.
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A few lucky drivers in Anderson got a big break at the pump Wednesday night.

A glitch lowered the price of premium gas at the Marathon gas station at 38th Street and Columbus Avenue to 44 cents a gallon. The price was supposed to be $4.44.

Sandy Haynes told Eyewitness News the station employees were made aware of the glitch when a customer went in to pre-pay. Employees hit the shut-off switch to the pumps until the glitch could be fixed.

Haynes said she was one of the next people in line when the station discovered the glitch. One customer's total bill for 12.8 gallons came to just $5.77.

Haynes and her son waited at the pump with about 10 other customers for about an hour, hoping to get gas at the cheaper price.

Station owner Sunny Singh told The Herald Bulletin in Anderson the error cost the station about $200.