Gas prices should spike and then be lower by Memorial Day weekend

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As you think about summer vacation, some good news is on the way at the gas pump and experts say it should arrive just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. 

After hitting a spring peak about a week ago, analysts say relief is on the way and the numbers are starting to trend down.  Prices could actually drop around ten cents through the month of May.

Locally, we're seeing about a 25 cent spread with prices in downtown Indianapolis ranging from $3.51 to $3.79.  Prices up north and to the east of the city fall on that lower end in the $3.51-$3.55 range.  Farther out from the city, we saw even lower prices out west in Plainfield for $3.41.

"Most people should be paying less for Memorial Day than in recent years--You also might see at least people saving a little more money than in recent years," said Michael Green, AAA.

"Yeah yeah that's very exciting that's good news to a whole lot of people," said Nicole Fields, driver.

"I get around 11 miles to the gallon so I need to get as far as possible on a tank," said Mark Eber, driver.

But, while the national trends are showing drops, Don't be surprised if locally things tip back up before they fall all the way down. is issuing a spike alert that gas prices in Indiana across the board could jump to 3.79 as an average for a short period.