Gas prices jump overnight

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Gas prices are up this morning after a steady decline, but they are still much lower than they were this time last year.

Spring break is typically a time when demand is high and gas companies switch to their more expensive summer blends. Greg Seiter of AAA Hoosier Motor Club says many stations are already making the switch.

"For whatever reason the industry is already making that switch over so most of the feelings from that is that we shouldn't be seeing any additional changes. However an increase in overall demand in spring/summer at this point not sure what will take place don't anticipate any major jumps."

Last year we were paying on average more than $4.00 a gallon for regular unleaded. Right now, the average national price is $3.63 a gallon. That means you save an average of $4.50 a fill up.

Gas prices in Indiana are above the national average, and it may get worse.

"One variable that we're watching very closely that will have an impact here in Indiana is the refinery up in Whiting, Indiana. We know that's been down as far as production goes. They've been working on changing out as far as maintenance there there is a lot of work taking place so that's really affecting the overall refining process and then the distribution of product," said Seiter.

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