Gas prices continue to fall below $3/gallon


Some good news for drivers this morning. Gas prices have dipped in several locations to below $3 a gallon.  This is the lowest price in nearly a year.

The WTHR Pump Patrol found $2.99 at several stations around Indianapolis, especially on the east side at 21st and Post and on east Washington Street a few of miles east of downtown.

On the high end, we found prices around $3.15 on the north side.  But also on the north side, we found $3.05.

Why the drop? Analysts say the price traditionally drops during the 4th quarter due to less demand compared to a large supply.

Also, gas futures dropped 5 percent two weeks ago and that has affected the current price.

According to, prices around Indianapolis are falling compared to the rest of the country this week.

National Average: $3.21

Indianapolis Average: $3.15

Indianapolis 12 Months Ago: $3.45