Gas prices close to $4 mark

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While you were sleeping, gas prices spiked at many central Indiana gas stations by as much as thirty cents, to $3.95 for a gallon of regular.  

When prices go from $3.65 to @3.95, it creates a bit of sticker shock. But if there's any bright spot, prices are actually a few cents lower than they were on this same date last year.  

Petroleum analysts with say that prices in the Great Lakes states are particularly vulnerable right now as refineries continue their regular maintenance schedules. Plus, there's also the annual switch to the summer blend gasoline.

We did a search of the area in Marion and surrounding counties and found about 75-percent of stations have hiked their prices to $3.95. But, we still found a handful in the $3.60 to $3.85 range this morning.

The cheapest gas we found was at a Sam's Club at 96th Street and Masters Road. There you can fill your tank at just $3.47 a gallon as long as you have a Sam's Club membership card. 

After a little number crunching, if you have two cars each with a 15 gallon tank, it will cost you about $9 more to fill both today than it cost yesterday.