Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

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Atia McMillan
Grade: C-

Garfield disappoints...again

The sequel Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties, should've been titled: Garfield: A Tale That Should've Never Been Told Once, Let Alone Twice.

Honestly, this movie's storyline was about as empty as the movie theater I was forced to sit in for 76 minutes. That said, there were a few interesting moments for the kids and a couple of dry laughs for the adults.

Once again, we meet the lazy, over-stuffed housecat, Garfield (played by Bill Murray) who takes the audience on a somewhat slow ride of misadventure and close calls when Jon (Breckin Meyer) sets out to propose to his veterinarian girlfriend Liz (Jennifer Love Hewitt.)

Fearing their bachelor days are over, a jealous Garfield foils the proposal and a love-smitten Jon misses his chance when Liz announces a work-related trip to England. Determined to ask her to marry him, Jon follows and unknowingly, so do Garfield and dog Odie, who stow away in his luggage.

The tale continues in London where Prince (voiced by Tim Curry), a royally pampered English cat identical to Garfield, has just inherited the Carlisle Castle estate willed to him by his former royal owner, Lady Elenore.

However, standing in the way of the cat and his riches is none other than Lady Elenore's only other living relative, Lord Dargis (Bill Connolly) who gives a performance worthy of some laughter. Dargis secretly plots to rid himself of Prince in order to claim the family fortune, but in turn only succeeds in the two cats mistakenly switching places.

The only saving grace to this movie was the voices of the farm animals (although I'm still not quite sure if the two separate ideas mesh). I did however, leave the theater with heavy thoughts and one nagging question. Why is the lovable Odie, the dog we've all come to love and adore, the only animal that never speaks?