GameStop stores recent target for thieves

This GameStop store on East Washington has been robbed twice in the past week.

Thieves targeting a store popular with families and children are getting hit in the middle of the day.

Several GameStop stores have been robbed in Indianapolis in the past month. The most recent crime happened Tuesday on the east side and led to a high-speed chase and crash on Interstate 70. The same store on East Washington Street was also hit just last week and another GameStop on the northwest side was robbed on Christmas Eve.

Police say the stores have cash and items that can easily be sold. Posting a security guard on site is just one step the company is taking in response to the thefts.

"The world ain't safe no more. Not at all. I can't believe that happened," said shopper Kims Sandaire.

Loyal GameStop shoppers like Sandaire are left speechless about two robberies at the east side store in less than a week.

"I come in here with my kids all the time," he said.

GameStop added a security officer in the parking lot to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

"It's changing. It's a changing world," said Cumberland Police Chief Michael Crooke.

Crooke is also stunned by the crimes.

"It's kind of unusual that they're trying to take these games, too, as well as cash," he said.

That's been the case in last Thursday's robbery and the one on Tuesday that resulted in the high-speed chase on I-70 into Hancock County.

A Cumberland Police officer on patrol noticed the suspect vehicle and chased it from I-465 onto I-70 eastbound. At one point, the driver pulled briefly onto the shoulder and a person in the back seat jumped out as the SUV continued moving. The man began to run, only to fall and roll over before getting up again.

"Maybe they decided to let him out, or maybe they had the intentions of stopping for a second, it's impossible to tell," Crooke said.

As officers chased that suspect on foot, they had to chase the driver yet again as he swerved around police cruisers. An officer ahead of the chase, standing in a turnaround lane, threw stop sticks to get the vehicle to stop. Soon after, the driver lost control and flipped into a grassy area near the exit to SR 9 in Greenfield.

The two people inside the SUV finally surrendered. No officers or other drivers were hurt in the chase.

"You have people that are fleeing that have committed a crime that have a weapon or weapons in the vehicle and are driving (with) disregard for anybody in the public. It's always a double-edge sword about how we're going to react," Crooke said.

Three men, Amparis Thomas, Joshua Elliott and Vangelo Jenkins, all in their 20s, were all arrested in Tuesday's robbery. A 19-year-old was arrested for the GameStop robbery last Thursday.

Affected employees were given Wednesday off by store management, who say they are reviewing security procedures and are working with police. Even neighboring business in this building say they're changing the way they handle cash.