G-8 leaders to mull Syria, tax evasion, free trade

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Leaders of the world's most powerful economies are gathering today at a resort in Northern Ireland for a two-day summit.

They hope to narrow their differences on Syria's civil war, promoting freer trade between Europe and North America and combating global tax evasion.

Police commanders in Northern Ireland say they're optimistic the G-8 summit will pass peacefully, with only 2,000 protesters expected to travel to the remote lakeside area for Monday night's main planned demonstration.

The host, British Prime Minister David Cameron, is pushing for more sharing of financial information among countries. In his final pre-summit declaration, Cameron says his country would lead by example by setting up a registry that reveals who is behind so-called "shell companies" that obscure their true owners.

Cameron is being joined by President Barack Obama, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan.

Cameron says all G-8 members must cooperate more to restrict companies' ability to exploit foreign tax shelters as a way to boost government revenue and economic growth.

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