Furloughed Hoosiers relieved to be back

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Thousands of Hoosiers are among 800,000 furloughed workers across the country back on the job. Eyewitness News was there when many returned to work.

The president signed a measure overnight to end the shutdown.

Most of those furloughed during the 16-day shutdown, including workers at the federal courthouse downtown, are now back to work.

It was something we hadn't seen the past couple of weeks here: workers making their way to the federal building early this morning to start the day. The bulk of employees from Indiana were from the National Guard ranks, but civilian employees, including those at the courthouse and at the Bean Center at Fort Ben, had an unexpected two weeks off work.

Although they will receive back pay, it's been a challenging couple of weeks for many Hoosier workers who are understandably happy to be back on the job.

"I'm excited. Wonderful!" said one worker.

Most didn't want to talk with us on camera. This has been a highly partisan situation, so perhaps they didn't want to jeopardize the job they are coming back to.

Workers were told to report on their next assigned day of work. For most, that is today.

All federal workers who were furloughed or worked without pay during the shutdown will get back pay in their next paychecks, which for most employees come Oct. 29.

The timeline announced Thursday means workers will have to wait nearly two weeks to recover back wages. Some union officials say that's a hardship for many who have bills to pay. The National Treasury Employees Union is asking agencies to issue retroactive paychecks next week.

The measure ending the shutdown also lets federal workers get a 1 percent pay raise in January - their first pay increase since salaries were frozen in 2010. The legislation keeps on track a plan for raises that President Barack Obama laid out earlier this year.