Fuel barges explode, catch fire in Mobile, Alabama

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Firefighters from Mobile, Ala., and U.S. Coast Guard crews are responding to explosions and a fire on two fuel barges in the Mobile River.
Mobile Fire and Rescue officials tweeted Wednesday night that two natural gas barges exploded and three people were hospitalized with burns. Information on the extent of their injuries was not immediately available.

A total of four explosions have been confirmed and as many as six have been reported. 

Local television video shows flames engulfing a large section of the barge. News station WALA-TV reports the barge is on the east side of the river.
U.S. Coast Guard Petty Ofc. Carlos Vega said officials were on their way to the scene.

NBC affiliate station WPMI-TV reports responders are planning to let the barges continue to burn, as they feel it is still too unstable to proceed onto the barges.
The cause of the explosion was not immediately clear.
The explosion comes two months after a Carnival cruise ship was towed to Mobile after becoming disabled during a February cruise by an engine room fire. The ship is still undergoing repairs there.

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