Frozen pipes now thawing and breaking


Many businesses and homeowners are cleaning up water damage from freezing and thawing pipes.

If you've come to your sink and noticed no water, or perhaps cold water but no hot water, chances are that you have a frozen pipe.
And with the deep freeze behind us, there's really little you can do to avoid the toll that the freeze can take.     
In some cases, you may notice water everywhere else in your home except for that one bathroom or sink that's frozen. 
The problem is often in hard-to-find spots like crawl spaces or along outside walls.
But other times, the problem can be in exposed pipes, like those leading to a water heater.         
Regardless of when the water comes back on, you risk a mess.

Chip Cochran of Mowery Heating & Plumbing explains a frozen pipe.  "When (the water in the pipe) froze, it expanded and cracked or busted the pipe. It's not leaking yet because it's full of frozen water. But once that water line thaws, it's like having an open faucet in your house."

Cochran said when that happens, you're going to have water anywhere.

A plumber will charge about $100 to thaw the pipe, but it may cost several hundred, depending on how long and involved the thaw. Then to repair and replace the frozen pipes can create an even larger mess.

The plumbers at Mowery say this has been an unprecedented winter - the worst the owner has noticed in more than 30 years of business.