From snow to possible flooding: Montgomery County gets ready

Dick Hargis
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People outside the Indianapolis metro area continue to dig out from the snow as they face a new concern: future flooding. An Eyewitness News crew spent the day in Montgomery County talking to people about their winter woes.

Montgomery County residents are starting to see pavement - a welcome sight after several days of snow pack. But their next concern is when the snow starts to melt, especially for people living near water like Sugar Creek.

Dick Hargis got much-needed help clearing snow from fellow church member Eileen Manwarring and her husband.

"You should have seen it before he plowed that off here. He put it all over there. The sidewalk was about that deep out here a while ago, day before yesterday.18 inches deep!" Hargis said.

Montgomery County snow crews have worked non-stop to get both city and rural roads cleared for drivers. Sheriff Mark Casteel says it appears most drivers are being extra careful.

"They are still snow-covered and slick and there's no doubt about it. But they are in much better condition than they were Monday or Tuesday," said the sheriff.

But Sheriff Casteel is bracing for the next potential danger when the snow starts to melt.

People like Gregory Penn, who live near waterways, will have his eyes on Sugar Creek.

"There is really nothing you can do about it but let it go back down and pick up all the trees and limbs it puts in the backyard," he said.

"All the low areas; when this does melt I don't know if the forecast is still calling for an inch of rain possibly this weekend so that is a concern," said the sheriff.

As snow plows continue to hit the road, and more drivers are out and about, the sheriff expects to see fewer slide-offs and fender benders.

Half an inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain is forecast for Saturday.