Free tax help available around Indianapolis

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Filing your tax returns can be confusing, trying to figure out the right forms and how to fill them out.

The deadline for filing your taxes this year is April 17.

"I get to get all my money," said Krystal Dowdell.

Dowdell is one of dozens of Hoosiers on the east side benefiting from free tax help. The Boner Center is one of seven Indianapolis sites where volunteers prepare tax returns free of charge.

"We also have a financial staff to pull credit reports to help them get a jump start on their financial situation," said Dean Johns at the Boner Center.

In some cases, that is a savings of hundreds of dollars.

"They could put that on a rent bill or something like that," said Johns.

The free help is also available online. The IRS website has a free file option for anyone with an annual income of $57,000 or less. There are other new tools available, as well. This week, the IRS introduced the IRS smartphone app, IRS2go 2.0. The app provides updates, including the status of tax refunds.

The IRS says electronic filing guarantees a faster refund, because it offers the most accurate way to file.

At the Boner Center, those in line count on the one-on-one help ready to answer any question. The tax help, which started in January, runs through the tax season. By the end, they expect they will have filed 5,000 tax returns.

A satisfied customer last year, Dowdell decided to come back again.

"If you've got a busy life like I do, work all day and go to school, just don't have time to," she said.