Franklin police seek more reward money for 2006 murders

Blake and Chynna Dickus were murdered in July 2006.
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If money really does talk, then Franklin police and the family of two murder victims are praying that more reward money will get someone talking about a brutal crime that's still unsolved seven years later.

"It's a nightmare, every single day," said Christina Dickus about the murder of her 10-year-old son Blake.

Blake and his stepmother Chynna were found murdered in their Franklin home in July 2006.

Police have never solved the crimes.

"I struggle every single day for somebody to do this that cannot come forward or any person. People that have any information, I wish that they would come forward, somebody out there knows something," said Dickus.

That's why police have pushed to get a measure passed in Franklin that would allow them to go the town council and request more reward money to help solve this case and others like it.

"Let's face it. It's been seven years and we thought this might spark somebody who hasn't come forward for whatever reason before, maybe this brings them in," said Franklin Police Chief Tim O'Sullivan.

Right now, the reward for a tip leading to a conviction in the Dickus murders is $10,000. That reward money could go higher now, thanks to the new measure passed in Blake's memory.

"We still get leads, but very rarely. They just trickle in," said Chief O'Sullivan. "We feel the grief for the family and we want some closure for the family and we want justice for the family."

"I do believe that hopefully money will help our case," said Dickus.

Justice is something Dickus said she longs for everyday when she gets out of bed.

"You don't have a choice in life. It's hard, but life does go on," said Dickus.

A life that's never been quite the same for Dickus since her son's murder - and never will be.