Franklin mom visited by phony CPS workers


A Franklin woman is warning other mothers after she says two people came to her house and threatened to take her children.

Amanda Walker says the women claimed to be with Child Protective Services and were checking out complaints that Walker neglected her children.

"The first thing I said was, 'Are you kidding me? Is this real?'," Walker said.

She says it started with a phone call. A woman said she was with CPS and needed to come by and talk to her. Then two women came to the door on Tuesday.

"'We are here to investigate you and the children and maybe we have to remove the children from the premises'," Walker recalled. "I said okay, then I started freaking out. I hadn't done anything."

She says they showed no ID or business cards and held up a paper they said was a court order to search the house.

"Right here they started here. Just took shots with their cameras," Walker said.

Taking photos around the first floor. Walker's five-year-old son Jackson was at school, but the women took pictures of one-year-old Jude, who was asleep.

"Lift up his leg. Look at it. Lifted up his arm. Look at it. I said, 'He's fine. There's nothing wrong with him.' I was really scared when they touched him that they were going to take him," she said.

They did not take the children, but said they would be back.

Walker posted her experience on social media, where so many women told her it didn't sound right she called Franklin police.

Police say CPS told them the Walkers are not even in their computer system.

"It's kind of spooky. Creepy," she said.

So who was at her home taking pictures and asking questions? And why?

"I don't know," Walker said.

Franklin police are working on the case.

Walker says she would advise anybody else to ask to see identification, get a business card, and take time to read any documents that people present.