Four suspects arrested overnight after high-speed police chase

Damage inside a home from the shots fired.
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Four people are in custody after shots were fired and police were led on a high-speed chase through the streets of Indianapolis early Friday.

An officer was serving an arrest warrant in the area around the 700 block of N. Arnolda Avenue, when shots were fired.

A group of suspects in a vehicle sped off. Officers tracked down the vehicle and chased them from the intersection of Tibbs and Washington to 21st and Carrollton. As the chase ended, the suspects fled the vehicle.

Police say they have arrested four men. A fifth suspect may have been in the car, but police aren't actively looking for him. Investigators say the chase suspects may be related to the shots fired run in the 700 block of Arnolda.

Police found shell casings in the suspects' vehicle, and they recovered two weapons — a shotgun and automatic weapon — near where the chase started.

No shots were fired by police or the suspects during the chase.

Homes and vehicles were shot up at the location in the 700 block of North Arnolda Ave.

"It probably come through here and went that way and this one up here broke that glass out there and this one up here, it kind of went there and I don't know where that one come from," said 77-year-old Joe Carson.

A bullet also broke through Carson's bedroom window. It is the second round of gunfire at the home in less than a week.

"They had a shooting over here Friday or Saturday night, a drive-by shooting and stuff and they come back last night," Carson said.

Carson and his neighbors believe the gunfire stems from unwanted drug activity on their street. Bullets hit home after home, plus several parked cars. Landlord Monica Thompson, scared for her tenant, says she has repeatedly called police about drug activity.

"This girl goes to work, she is a single mom, she takes care of her kids, she is a wonderful person and she should not have to live this way," Thompson said.

The gunfire early Friday also sent other families running for cover as bullets came through the walls. A bullet struck one woman's headboard as she lay in bed with her one-year-old child.

"It's getting too ridiculous. We have small children, elderly, we have families and people who take care of their houses," said Ricky Shanks.

People on North Arnolda Street are hoping they've seen the last of flying bullets for a while.

Our 13 Investigates team also did some digging and found police respond to calls in that west side neighborhood several times a day. We checked the half mile radius around where last night's incident started. In the last month, IMPD filed 118 incident reports. Frequently officers wrote up cases of suspected battery and theft.

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